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1How much does it cost?
Fulgido it's completely free for filmmakers. They have only to pay submission fees to the festivals they choose.
2Can I submit different project to different festivals?
Of course you can! on every festival page there is the possibility to submit a different project. When finished choosing, you can pay all submission fees with only one payment. On the checkout page you can also use coupon, waiver or discout code sent from the festival you choose.
3I'm a festival organizer, how can I create an account for my festival?
It's very simple: go on the registration page from the menu and fill the form. We will check your festival website, social, etc. to make sure of its requirements and reply as soon as possible. Than we'll add you festival to our website. Every month we will send you report about submissions and the consequential payments.
4When will I know if my project have been selected?
Every festival has in its page a notification date. Whe the date arrives, you surely will receive a notice from the festival about the selection or not of you project. Good luck!

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